Fractures seen in outcrops and cores can be very complicated in 3D. They may be associated with the stratigraphy or lithology or they may be related to faults which cut through the layering.


How can we apply the host of outcrop and published material available in a practical way to predict behaviour in reservoirs?




Fracture Modelling in 3D

Fractures are increasingly recognised as being important elements of resevoir behaviour.


A two step method has been devised to incorporate fractures into static models:


1. Detailed model of a single cell for each type of fracture "facies". This allows the permeability tensors to be calculated.


2. Full-field models using suitable fracture intensity drivers and the results of the detailed single cell models.


In practice, dynamic data such as well testing is essential to provide guidance for for the geological modelling.



Natural Fractures

Are fractures controlling flow in your reservoir ?

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